This is my fourth blog, and in this one, I want to explain why I started writing these blogs. As someone who has gone through certain mental health problems before, I think it could be reassuring to readers to feel that there could be someone out there who you can relate to. That you aren’t alone in the way that you might feel, there are options to help and that, in some way, what you are feeling is “normal”. I want the blogs to offer a small form of guidance and that there is someone who potentially understands.

Whilst I was going through my issues, I don’t think I looked for any blogs or people who wrote about their mental health but looking back, I think I would have appreciated reading some, probably for reassurance that I wasn’t going through it alone.

I don’t want to come across like I’m preaching on ‘how to feel better’, as I know that the same strategies do not work for everyone. I would like to think my blogs are a comfortable and helpful space, a place to find a couple of valuable tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a healthy lifestyle in mind and body.

I want to use my own experience to support others. I’m going to be testing mindfulness apps, theories, and techniques. I’m going to be exploring what works for other people and sharing my opinions about them. I have lots of ideas in mind already!

My main goal though,  is to write a blog people will enjoy reading. To write about things that are relevant to everyday life to keep a healthy lifestyle and mindset. To engage a broad audience who can all relate to this blog in one way or another. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.