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If you are visiting this page, you most likely belong to one of these visitors’ categories.

  • You would like to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a question or some concern about your heart condition, and you do not have a preexisting heart condition. You would like to make sure that the things you do about exercise, diet and prevention are in line with the best possible professional advice.  You may have a family history of coronary artery disease with angina or heart attacks due to atherosclerosis and would like to make sure to avoid it having you. Or you simply are seeking confirmation that your heart is functioning well. I can reassure you that I have more than 25 years of experience in Cardiology and hold a PhD degree in research of the early stages of atherosclerosis. I am leading a healthy lifestyle myself, including regular exercise, diet and managing risk factors for potential heart problems. I am also a keen cyclist who cycles more than 3,500 miles every year and takes part in endurance events (like L’Etape), so I have a genuine interest in sports physiology.


  • You have one of the potential cardiac symptoms (chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, blackouts, swelling in the legs). To address these symptoms, we would need to take a detailed history and do tests. After this, we will establish if these symptoms indicate a significant heart problem, and we will decide how to address and manage it. It may well be that these symptoms could point in a different direction as many other pathologies (respiratory, neurological, psychological, gastrointestinal) can cause similar symptoms. We may find nothing significant, which will be a relief to you and us.


  • You have a preexisting heart condition and would like to discuss your management, test results or future options. I am dealing with all General Cardiology patients who may complain of chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness, blackouts or swelling in the legs. My Cardiology subspecialty is Interventional Cardiology. Interventional Cardiologist performs Coronary angiograms to establish the best treatment for Coronary Artery Disease, the deposition of fat (cholesterol) into heart arteries (atherosclerosis). These depositions cause narrowings that can be the cause of angina (chest pain) or heart attack. I have done more than 12 thousand coronary angiograms to investigate blockages of heart arteries and more that 3,000 stenting procedures in my carrier. I take part in 24/7 on-call rota at Royal Cornwall Hospital. If any Cornwall patient has a significant heart attack, we take them straight for a stenting procedure to unblock a coronary artery.


  • You had COVID-19 and are concerned about your heart condition. Long COVID can cause many various symptoms; some of them may cause you to think that COVID may have had an impact on the function of your heart. You may complain of constant fatigue, breathlessness, and various types of chest pains, palpitations. Currently are increasingly seeing a steady flow of these patients.


  • You may be a Master Athlete who had angina or suffered Heart Attack and considering coming back to exercise beyond routine rehabilitation program and daily exercise. We certainly can discuss your options and safest way to come back.


If you are willing to discuss any of the above, please get in touch with us, and we will have a friendly and informative chat!