I wanted to write a little blog for going into the new year. It’s a time for renewal, reflecting, and setting goals. A time to be kinder to yourself, make good decisions and look ahead to the future. 2021 was, again, not a typical year, full of uncertainty and unusual restrictions and ‘rules’.

On reflection of 2021 with friends and family, a common theme was feeling overly concerned and anxious about what was going to happen in regard to Covid. Almost consumed by possibilities of the future. So, I thought I would share my 2022 mindset:

For 2022, I would like to be more present, less anxious about what could happen, and more focused on what I can do to make every moment positive. To not dwell on the negatives of the past and move forward to bring the best energy into my life. To assure me that nothing can be predicted and to take all positives and negatives in my stride. To make better choices, to continue my new ‘healthier’ lifestyle. To make the most of fresh air, friends, and family.

I think it is important to carry this mindset with me and remind myself of it when things are harder, or I’m even just having a day when things aren’t going my way! Maybe take 5 minutes now to consider your mindset for 2022 – personally, it helps me.

So happy new year to everyone, and I hope you make it positive and light!