Getting home from a day’s work and feeling absolutely knackered is probably something everyone has felt at some point. It is vital for maintaining your mental health that you keep a healthy work/life balance. It is important to keep a healthy balance to ensure you can achieve and accomplish at work and enjoy your personal life as much as possible.

Tips to keep that balance:

Ask for help!
If you’re finding your workload overwhelming, let someone know. Ask for help, or let a manager know. It never should be a burden. Asking for help will also aid in stress relief.

It’s okay to say ‘No’
If you’ve already got enough to do, it’s okay to say no when someone else asks you to do a task and you’re too busy. Saying yes and not being able to complete the task/help might even be a hindrance.

Do a Going-Home checklist to avoid taking work home with you
Set a task list to start working on again tomorrow. List the things you have accomplished today. Check-in with your colleagues where you are all at. Switch off from there and enjoy your home time.

Enjoy your annual leave!
If you’ve booked leave, take it and enjoy it! Don’t worry about what you’ll be coming back to when you begin your holiday. There should be no guilt in taking leave and enjoying it fully. Turn that ‘out of office’ on and make the most of it.

Take your breaks and stay hydrated.
This is important – a lot of us forget to take our breaks from being too focused on tasks or just being too busy – having a little break to stretch, breathe and have a drink helps us think clearer. You’ll thank yourself for it.
I hope these tips help you to achieve a healthier approach to work!