We all hear about the importance of getting 8 hours shut-eye. Most of us don’t get the 8 hours due to worries, aches, pains, family, snoring, etc. I thought I’d share my sleep hygiene tips to try and get the best sleep possible!

Tire yourself out!

Doing a little exercise in the evening is my favourite to try and tire myself out. Going for a little walk or doing some yoga a couple of hours before planning to go to bed is when I find it is best. I feel as though my body has worked and is ready to begin relaxing.

Winding down before bed.

Before I get to bed, I try and wind down for at least an hour beforehand. By winding down, I mean I stop using blue light admitting devices, like my phone/tablet/tv/laptop. If I want to entertain myself, I read or do simple puzzles—anything to relax the brain after working hard all day. 

A sunrise/sunset simulation lamp

This is one of my favourite investments! They’re easy to set up and so relaxing. It helps me ease off to sleep with its ‘sunset’ setting on a timer and wake up peacefully with its ‘sunrise’ setting. I bought mine on Amazon, and it was around £35.

Lavender essential oil spray

I swear by lavender oil to help me have a peaceful night! A few quick spritzes and I’m relaxed. Sadly there is no hard evidence (that I could find) to say that lavender is scientifically proven to aid sleep, but I know many people find it helps.

I know when I don’t put all of these into my routine, I have a worse night’s sleep or don’t wake up feeling as refreshed. I hope these tips are handy – try implementing them for a week or two and see if you feel a difference!