We’ve gone into 2022, and I wanted to touch on New Year’s resolutions. People make these
resolutions to change elements about them to make themselves (hopefully) feel better,
improve their life quality or even look better. Whether it be starting a new activity, changing
your eating habits for a healthier diet plan, saving some money, or having a more positive
disposition on life, these resolutions can be beneficial to your life!

The only thing is, these intentions can be just that – intentional. I know people set off into the
new year with a fresh mindset and dedication to stick to these goals, but life gets in the way.
Slipping into the previous lifestyle or routine, spending more than planned, or falling into old
eating habits. It’s so easily done! But it’s important not to beat yourself up for it. You can
always pick it up again tomorrow if you slipped off a new nutritional plan. Or maybe you find
that the resolution didn’t suit you – for example, you could have made a resolution to start a
gym class and you didn’t like it – that’s fine, maybe try something else like a one-on-one
training or a different type of class! There’s nothing wrong with changing these resolutions if it
does not suit you. Do not feel disheartened! There is no time scale to these goals!

No resolution is too big or too small if you think this change or goal will make you happier.
Also, I wanted to mention that just because it’s seen as traditional to start these goals off on
New Year, it does not mean that if you come across a goal or idea that you’d like to
accomplish at any point in time, it is an inconvenient time to start. There is no time like the
present – and good luck to you if you have made resolutions!