I struggle with getting the motivation to do exercise. By the time you have done a full day of work, sometimes, the last thing you want to do is exercise. It is straightforward to sit yourself down, have some food and watch TV. So, I thought I’d blog on how I motivate myself to get up and get down the gym or go for a walk, etc.

Goal setting

Goal setting might not be for everyone – but I now have given myself a target fitness goal. Alongside a lot of other people (so it seems!) I lost my usual fitness level during the lockdowns. I think I used it as an excuse when really, I probably could have been using my time in a much better way than slobbing out on the sofa! I’m someone who strives to complete tasks, and I find that setting myself a goal for how long I can run for, cycle for, row for, etc., really helps me. I turn it into a bit of competition for myself!

Have company

I always find going to exercise with a friend more enjoyable than going by myself. Having someone else to encourage you to work harder and support you is incredibly motivating. You could set a workout plan together. It is comforting to have someone with you who makes you feel comfortable and confident while working out. Alternatively, if you find yourself in the gym alone, a staff member would happily support you if wanted.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is very important. There is nothing wrong with a treat! If you feel you have accomplished your goal/aim or worked very hard, why not treat yourself! After all, you deserve it.

The after feeling

Working out is proven to produce natural endorphins, a positive feeling in your body. I do feel happier after working out! I feel a sense of achievement. I tell myself I am a step closer to my goal. If I go first thing in the morning, I feel more ready for the day. That is enough to get me motivated!

I hope these tips give a guide on how to get motivated. Motivation does not have to be there every day; it is OK to have a lazy day too! But motivation does not have to be about just working out. It can be for work, or even just going out in general. Try using these tips in everyday life!