We don’t all find running enjoyable. Despite it being a great form of cardio, even the thought of going for a run can fill people with dread. But luckily, it’s not the only form of cardio – here are some of my favourite alternatives that need little / no equipment!

Obviously, you’ll need a bike for this one! Cycling is a brilliant form of cardio. It works your leg muscles and your core muscles really well. You can choose scenic routes, get in that fresh air, and explore new places.

Skipping (Jump rope)
It may seem a little boring at first, but actually, there are so many techniques of skipping that make it fun! Try different styles. Speed skipping. You could even try double dutch with friends!

Not only is swimming beneficial for health, I personally find it very therapeutic being in the water. Swimming works the whole body! Being in Cornwall, surrounded by sea, you could try cold water swimming, which is proven to improve your circulation and help relieve anxiety and depression.

Aerobics / Zumba
Fun exercise! There are often classes within communities and gyms, but there are often classes online, e.g., on YouTube. Exercise to music and have fun with the dancing element!

With so many different exercises to try, cardio may not seem such a bore after all!