In the summer heat, cold water swimming is a refreshing treat! But did you know the benefits cold water swimming has – all year round? It’s become something of a trend and is highly spoken of by many celebrities. I’ve tried it myself, and from my own experience, I believe I feel the benefits myself. Besides feeling more alert, I’ve felt less anxious, happier, and generally better in myself. Before trying, I researched the benefits to see what I felt and compare it to others’ experiences and scientifically proven health advantages. You don’t have to go into the sea – you could feel these benefits by just having a quick cold shower in the mornings.

1. Happier!
Cold water therapy releases endorphins, the happy hormone! It is also released during exercise, which is even better when swimming!

2. Boost immune system
Yet to be proven in myself, I think – Although scientifically proven to produce a hormone called norepinephrine. This hormone has been shown to help regulate the immune system and can increase white blood cells.

3. Social Element
There are a few swimming groups around – why not join one and make a couple of new friends! Or invite friends or family to come with you – share the benefits.

4. Stress reduction
According to research, cold water immersion can trigger the flight or fight response, the same response caused by stress and anxiety. With repeated exposure to this and your control, the stress response reduces, and your body adjusts – the same to everyday stresses and anxiety.

I think it’s always good to give something new a go – and if you can do it from your own home – what’s stopping you!