I’m sure if you own an animal, you’ll know exactly how beneficial it can be. Relating to my previous blog, you might feel that your animal is who you can confide in. The way they provide unlimited love and loyalty is unmatched in my eyes. There are so many studies that show animal therapy is beneficial to both physical and mental health. Here are a few of my favourite, scientifically proven, benefits of animal therapy.

  1. When you interact with an animal, you naturally produce serotonin and oxytocin.

Serotonin is a well-known hormone that stabilises your mood. Oxytocin is known as the ‘love hormone’. Stroking an animal produces both of these, equalling natural happiness! What’s not to love about that! Apparently, just 15 minutes of petting an animal are enough to boost these two feel good hormones.

  1. They reduce loneliness

Stating the obvious – if you’re with an animal, you’re not alone. If you’re anything like me – I talk to my animals, I often catch myself asking them if they’ve had a nice day when I get home. They might not talk back, but just having a little one-way conversation with them will certainly make you feel less lonely.

  1. They increase recovery rate time

Pets are sometimes used in hospitals, to brighten the mood of patients. Usually dogs, these clever animals are specially trained to engage with patients to boost moods and provide comfort. Patients were said to feel ‘perkier’ after spending time with a therapy animal. When I think about it, if I were in hospital and feeling anxious, and someone brought in their therapy dog, I think it would soothe me a lot.

  1. The physical proven benefits

Animal therapy can play a big role in rehabilitating people. Dogs, for example, need walking -a simple type of physiotherapy. You may have seen Doga (it’s a real thing I swear, you can google it!)– a combination of yoga, but with your puppy pal. Animals are also proven to reduce stress – therefore lowering blood pressure in some peoples’ cases. They’ve also been proven to help cardiovascular issues and provide natural pain relief.

Overall, I think animals are incredible in every way. Having pets of your own is the best feeling. The loyalty, the cuddles and unconditional love. Also, the fact that they are also dependant on you can switch your, perhaps, negative thoughts on how they might be feeling. Switching your attention to something more positive. There’s nothing more special than animal love.